1. Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnapping, and Corruption 

  2. The Truth about Drugs in America


  5. CPS Whistleblower Exposes CPS’s Corruption, Kidnapping, and Drugging of Children. 


  6. The Renegade variety hour takes a look at why there are presently over 7 million children from the ages of 0-9 who are on ADHD medication and 9 million children on anti-depressants that stick children in zombie like states, with side effects ranging from weight gain, more severe depression, laziness, lower IQ, permanent brain and other organ damage, and an increase chance of suicide.


  7. This is my exposé . I was a special investigator for Child Protective Services, and this is my story. I have waited too long to bring up the corruption within this agency - an agency which has kidnapped children from their parents and has put countless families through hell. In this podcast you will find examples of these tragedies, as well as the inevitability of corruption and deceit that is embedded within the framework of CPS. As a child protective service investigator I was at odds with my own morality, for to act morally in our agency would be to act against its interests, its intent, and its motives. CPS was not just supporting the war on illegal drugs, it was profiting off of it, as well as profiting off the war on children’€™s minds. If you would like to share your story, or have any questions regarding what to do in a CPS case, message us at therenegadevarietyhour@gmail.com or through our facebook page. www.therenegadevarietyhour.com Find more info regarding CPS at http://fight…